Records & archives management

Part 9 of the Information Act sets up a framework for promoting efficient and accountable government through appropriate records and archives management by public sector organisations.

Each public sector organisation must-

Amendments to Part 9 of the Act in May 2009 provided for records management to be divided into 'Records functions' and 'Archives functions'.

The Department of Business and Employment is responsible for the Records Service, which has the following records functions:

The Records Service must prepare standards for managing records (other than archives and permanent records). The standards deal with topics such as the creation, maintenance, security and disposal of records. The Information Commissioner and other relevant organisations are consulted as part of the preparation of each standard and the final standards are approved by the Minister. Standards must be reviewed once every three years and the latest standards were published in August 2010.  They are available from the DBE website.

The Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport is responsible for Northern Territory Archives Service (NTAS).  The Archives Service has responsibility for the following archives functions:

The Archives Service must prepare standards for managing archives and permanent records (whether those records are in the custody of the Archives Service or not) and these standards are also approved by the Minister. The matters that must be dealt with in the standards iinclude, but are not limited to, the topics listed above, the transfer of permanent records from a public sector organisation to the Archives Service and preservation formats for digital records (including archives).

There are a number of offences relating to mishandling of government records, including inappropriate alteration, damaging or disposing of records (see sections 145 - 148 of the Information Act) .

If you want to find out more about the records and archives management provisions or view the records management standards, go to the NTAS website.

Last Updated on
14 September, 2012